Major Chemba Puttu Podi

Reap the goodness of whole wheat flour which is packed with energy boosting carbohydrates and also dietary fibre from the husks of ground flour.

Also Available : 500g, 1Kg Packets


To one cup of Major Wheat Puttu podi,add sufficient salt.Gently wet the flour using one cup of water to make a salt dough,neither too wet nor dry.Leave aside for five minutes and check the wetness.Use more water if needed.Cook in steam with grated coconut.Healthy and tasty major puttu ready to be served.

Nutritional Information

Calories : 357 kcal  
Total Fat : 1.6 g  
Saturated Fat : 0.32 g  
Trans Fat : 0  
Cholestrol : 0  
Sodium : 11.55mg  
Total Carbohydrate : 75 gm  
Dietary Fiber : 13 gm  
Sugar : 3.43 gm  
Protein : 12g  
Contains the nutrition of vitamins and minerals of wheat grains.